Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Every Action

Every action you take has positive and negative repercussions. For a grossly over-simplified example, for any normal action you take, you are not saving a baby from a fire. And when you are saving a baby from a fire, there is still someone, somewhere who doesn't appreciate what you're doing on some level or another. Or, even more contrived, that baby could grow up to be "the next Hitler".

Which is to say, there is no absolute right and wrong.

There is, of course, better and worse.  ...At least from any given perspective. This distinction is key, because "better" and "worse" are quite obviously inherently subjective, relative terms.

So I think the question then becomes "which perspective(s) matter most?"

Another observation to make here is that in order to accept one's actions, one must be willing to make mistakes, especially given that perpectives change with time.