Monday, August 11, 2008

Things I Learned Today

Better to say something "seems to me", rather than something "is". Example: turn "Robert Anton Wilson is an enthusiastic philanthropist" into "RAW seems like an enthusiastic philanthropist to me."

General Semantics may be an interesting thing to investigate, as an alternative to NLP.

I revisited the idea of confirmation bias. The effects of this seem to be enormous; worse, it seems that people grossly underestimate its effects. What we focus on seems to determine our reality. RAWilson said "we live our beliefs; we endure our reality". I love that phrase.

The LSD guy (forget his name) proposed that there were 24 neurological stereotypes. Further, people of one stereotype tend to congregate with others like them, and segregate themselves from others who aren't.

Three questions to ask before you do anything:
  1. What end result are you looking for?
  2. Why do you want to do this?
  3. So, what specifically are you going to do with those results in mind?

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