Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Skepticism in 14 Easy Steps!

Step 1: Wonder how so many people (meaning: non-Christians) can be so wrong about religion. Ask: if Christianity is real, why isn't it obvious?

Step 2: Wonder, if so many people can be wrong, perhaps we can be wrong.

Step 3: Wonder, can everyone be wrong?

Step 4: Observe wackadoo religious friends. Make powerful negative associations with them.

Step 5: Make atheist friends. Realize that not everyone is wrong: some people are just willing to change their minds in light of reason. Make positive associations with these discussions.

Step 6: Read Waldrop's Complexity. Discover Scientific Pantheism.

Step 7: Fall in with wackadoo Scientific Pantheists.

Step 8: Form powerful negative associations with "fellow" wackadoo SciPans. Stop associating with them.

Step 9: Watch Bullsh!t.

Step 10: Watch Mind Control With Derren Brown.

Step 11: Read Derren Brown's Tricks of the Mind. Develop total man-crush. Hear, for the first time, the term "skeptic" used to describe a subculture.

Step 12: Subscribe to the Bad Astronomy blog. Hear references to "skeptics" often. In particular, the "Skepchicks".

Step 13: Develop healthy crushes on (all of) the Skepchicks. Especially one.

Step 14: Change one's website, Facebook page, and taglines to mention "and skeptic" among one's traits.

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